Chilhowee, TN

Chilhowee, TN


WEll Hey Cutiebirds,

I figured that today was as good a day as ever to start blogging, so hey hello hi- it’s me. Danae Smalley, the meme queen who has apparently made blogging my last priority since being a part of the wedding industry. That’s changes now- please clap bc I’m v v behind.

The first session that’s kicking off my blog is a super magically moody one that I had the joy and Bird Box level fear of partaking in this past weekend, In Chilhowee TN. I met my clients and new friends at Chilhowee Mountain. If you can’t tell by these wonderfully moody and delicious images, it was so foggy that I was seriously convinced Sandra Bullock herself was about to pop out from the shadows carrying boy and girl football style. If you checked out my insta story this past weekend, you’ll see that she never showed. HOWEVER, the creepiest (kindest) old man arose from the fog and we exchanged hellos and he gave me some cautious words for driving up the mountain.

I knew I was going to arrive about 30 minutes early, so I thought i’d take the opportunity to take some self portraits, but instead I realized I’m a total wuss and the fog overcame me with fear. Alas, I spent that 30 minutes editing in my car.

These cutiebirds, Kyung Woo + DeAnne showed up, ready to dominate my camera and also brave the cold, and all 3 of us would say it was totally worth the fog, Bird Box vibes, scary old guy encounter, and cold hands on faces. Now just to countdown until July- when I get to photograph their Cleveland, TN wedding!