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I'm Danae! I’m an Enneagram 4w3, (if that means anything to you) + an Atlanta GA native, keen on traveling far and wide. I’m outdoor & indoor obsessed. Sure, let’s go to the mountaintops, but can we also chill at home with some hard cider and in something basic? Yes, yes we can. I’m all about the real thing, so if you’re the type of couple that would rather binge Netflix comedy specials rather than hike, let’s do a fun in-home session that really represents the “hang around the house” intimate side of your relationship. & Then if you guys live for your hikes and waterfalls, let’s go find that and photograph that side of your loving fun!

As you can see, my photos scream color. Helllllllo- that's me, ladies and gents! I’ve never been one to show up to an interview wearing all neutrals, so if you’re looking for a brighter and whiter outlook for your photos, I have some great referrals for you, but you won’t find that here. Colorful IS my personality. I’m high-energy (read: drink a lot of espresso) and I’m a people-loving person. I care about developing relationships and community more deeply than I care about anything, so if a dedicated photographer that cares about you as a client and person is what you’re looking for… Well, it’s good to meet you too.

"go out with memories, 
not dreams."

                       - ya girl Danae 

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  Traveling, Atlanta GA based Wedding + Couples' photographer. Near or far, Danae is always down for a good time capturing what's real between two loving souls + giving personalized experiences is what she does best.