It's ya girl

Hi there, Cutiebirds! 
It's ya girl, Danae. I'm thrilled that you've found yourself in my corner of the internet! There's a lot going on here, and I'm excited about it all! The Danae Smalley experience is unique, because we're mixing luxury with goofiness and just being our truest self. I have been serving couples world-wide for 6 years now and am deeply passionate about authenticity, love and weddings, and travel...
SO HERE I AM, mixing all of the best things together and giving it everything I've got. 


  • New Girl obsessed
  • Enneagram 4w3 / ENFP 
  • Avid Traveler (Zambia, South Africa, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, etc. etc. etc.) 
  • Mama to an amazing little Zella bear
  • Summer time Kayaker, Adrenaline Junkie & True Crime
  • Find me at the Gym or Airport ✔️
  • Asian Food is my love language 

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"go out with memories, 
not dreams."

                       - ya girl Danae 

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  Traveling, Atlanta GA based Wedding + Couples' photographer. Near or far, Danae is always down for a good time capturing what's real between two loving souls + giving personalized experiences is what she does best.